Кафедра информационных технологий и управления проектами Good Line

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Kafedra Good Line.
Educational project of IT-holding Good Line.
Information Technology and Project Management
This is a new format of interaction between business and education.
Rule №1. Only practical knowledge.
Rule №2. Only those who are willing to try.

We are the department of IT-company and in the same time we work in the form of a practical educational department of the Kuzbass state technical university.
We use business tools to give students maximum useful skills in popular specialties.
The training tasks and conditions are as close as possible to the real work of IT-company.
We offer internships and employment to the best students.

In numbers
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learning seasons
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Key educational activities:
1. Managing a business project with customers and experts from company employees.
2. Demonstration of projects to practicing experts.
3. Support student projects.
4. Support and assistance of graduates. The development of the alumni community.

We teach what we can do.
We engage experts and company managers. We select motivated students through entrance examinations.
Each course lasts 1 semester.
3 months of active training:
- once a week for 3 hours - on our site
- From 2 to 6 hours a week of independent tasks.
Live support and mentoring.
Online chat with teachers, tutors and other students provides an opportunity to discuss all the issues of lectures and independent tasks.
Areas of study
Project Management
Experienced project managers will enable you to learn: to formulate goals, plan steps and resources, and manage the process at each stage while working in a team.
All material is practiced in practice - on educational and real projects, individually and in groups.
Internet Marketing
Why do some companies earn money while others go bankrupt? Why does one information spread with great speed and global reach, and the other does not find its consumers? Our course is for you if you want to promote your business or work in the field of Internet marketing.
Software engineering
This course is for those who are already familiar with programming and strives to develop in this area, constantly improving their skills. To reach the hi level you need to be able to use for your own purposes the entire available arsenal of tools and technologies for the effective development of reliable, high-quality and scalable products.
Our team
Marina Semekhina
Develops the department, negotiates cooperation, engages people to the team, teaches "Project Management"

Project Director at Digital Agency "Atwinta"(Top-100 in Russia), Ph.D.
Marina Lee
Deputy manager
Develops curricula, interacts with educational institutions, organizes events, participates in the planning of the department.

Director of the Nonprofit Foundation for the Development of Urban Communities of the "Unconscious" , Ph.D.
Anastasia Rudkovskaya
Organizes the schedule and equipment of the classrooms, takes care of the students, organizes the activities of the department and deals with current issues.

Specialist of the department of intercollegiate education company Good Line.
Maria Krivda
Training consultant
Controls training mechanics, conducts control activities.

Head of IT training department in Good Line. Manager of educational project IT-incubator.
Applicate for training
Training takes place in the city of Kemerovo.
Selection for training is held 2 times a year: in September and in February of each year. Duration of training - 3 months:
- For autumn set: from October to December
- For the winter set: from March to May.
You will receive a notification about the start of the set to the specified email.
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Place of study or work
Select the educational area
If you are ready - we will teach you everything we can do.
If not - do not waste our time.